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About Company

The group of companies "HALTEC" was founded in 1993 and today it is an official certified representative of 30 leading US, Japanese, Korean and number of European tool companies in Russia. HALTEC provides engineering services, supplies metalworking equipment, tools, and provides technical maintenance.

Clients of the company are:

  • car and tractor plants;
  • steel works;
  • instrumentation manufacturing industry;
  • enterprises for the manufacture of dies and molds, etc.

More than 200 MAZAK machines have been already supplied to enterprises in Russia.

Haltec offers a wide range of tools from leading world manufacturers, also it gives professional advice of its effective use, selecting only the product with the optimal price-performance-quality ratio.

In addition to the supply of tools and equipment, HALTEC works out the technology for machining parts, develops control programs and technology, introduces advanced processing methods, provides training for service operators and software engineers.

A training class is equipped with all necessary equipment for training and internships for operators, service engineers and programmers.

The quality of services is really high due to own 3000 sq. m. educational and Technological Center in Ulyanovsk. There you can find high-speed machining centers MAZAK, show room of the most modern tools and tooling systems, a unique consignment warehouse with up-dated warehouse equipment, equipped with tools for organizing tool stock and logistics. Also "Innovative technologies and mechanical processing" was opened for undergraduate students on the basis of Ulyanovsk University UlSTU.

HALTEC has taken part in many projects of the technical re-equipment of Russian enterprises since 1993.

Many projects on production and quality growth have been implemented during last time. The main interaction areas are:

  1. Implementation of modern technical solutions aimed at machining efficiency growth
  2. Supply of high-performance equipment "MAZAK": equipment; efficient processing implementation; technical maintenance: in warranty and post-warranty period.
  3. Internships for operators and service engineers operating MAZAK equipment.
  4. Engineering service on modern high-performance technological processes implementation
  5. Exchange of best practice between specialists by conducting training seminars and presentations on partners’ territory, Technology Center "HALTEC" in Ulyanovsk, and also abroad on the production area of our suppliers.

The logistics system, which includes unique stock of the cutting tool and tooling equipment, allows to serve customers in full compliance with timescale, quality and quantity of deliveries.

Our Technology Center was created to demonstrate solutions for productivity growth, product quality improvement and cost of machining decrease.
HALTEC has everything for high-quality solutions:

  • 8 MAZAK progressive machining centers;
  • measuring laboratary;
  • toolbox;
  • production and tool regrinding area;
  • classrooms, equipped with machine stand simulators;
  • a consignment stock of tools and equipment from leading global manufacturers.

Since 2010, the company's quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008.

During the process of our clients’ re-equipment HALTEC simultaneously trains the specialists to work on the supplied equipment, and regularly certifies interned operators.

In 2016, the company "HALTEC" became the winner of the contest "100 Best Products of Russia" (engineering services).

There is more knowledge and experience when you share them.
Alexander Khramov,
Founder, President of the Haltec Group