Exclusive high-tech
metalworking equipment

Measurement laboratory

At the   Technology Center "HALTEK" a production department was set up, equipped with high-precision metalworking equipment with CNC "Yamazaki MAZAK" (Japan), tool and   tool systems from the world's leading manufacturers, measuring laboratory with measuring and measuring > Carl Zeiss machine, licensed CAD / CAM packages TEBIS, NX7 for the development of 3D models of parts, technologies and   control programs.

The new STP FUTURA presetter line for pre-tuning and   measurements of instrumental adjustments   - fully reflects 50 the summer technological experience of the company SPERONI. The modular design and the   diverse number of available configurations, allows you to optimally select the necessary configuration and   guarantees, at the same time, the possibility of complete modernization in the future, as you change the needs of your company.

Measurement Range:
Diameter X   = 400   mm (-50 / +350)
Height Z   = 400   mm
Max. diameter 350 mm  

The thermally balanced and   artificially aging construction of pearlite cast iron guarantees the absence of internal stresses, is not   prone to distortions due to temperature fluctuations, and   provides the basic requirement for   to similar devices   - long-term linear accuracy and repeatability.

he precise Heidenhain ® tracking lines, the Schneeberger ® linear guides together with the rigid design of the entire system, guarantee the highest accuracy and repeatability throughout the entire measuring range.

Original SPERONI adapter adapters with   automatic clamping system allow you to clamp different tool holder shank systems: ISO / BT 40 & amp; ISO / BT 30, ISO / HSK, and   others

The quick adapter change system allows you to change the original adapters in less than 8 seconds, and I guarantee high accuracy of the base. The uniquely designed adapter mounting system allows you to maintain a repeatability of less than 0.001   mm.

The   spindle has a precision ground calibration surface for quick and easy re-calibration of the system.

Pneumatic Spindle Disc Brake   —The locking mechanism allows the operator to lock the spindle to   any point in the 360 ​​degree range. This ensures the correct and   permanent positioning of the tool for its measurement and / or in the   process of creating an NC program.